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The Scenario:
Frederick Jackson, one of the owners of Sports Gear, believes it is important to stress sports safety. He wants his sales associates to emphasize sports protective gear—such as helmets, padding, and cups—that is available in the retail store.
For this assignment, you will need the following files:
Sports_Gear protection
You will save your files as:
Open the Sports_Gear_Protection file, and save it as Lastname_Firstname_Sports_Gear
In the worksheet, adjust column widths so that all data displays.
Apply a style to the titles
Set the titles to repeat on all printed pages.
Create a chart on a new sheet.
Format the chart, using a chart layout and chart style.
Rename the sheets containing data.
Insert the your name in the footer of all worksheets.
Open the file Gear_Presentation, and save the presentation as Lastname_Firstname_Gear_Presentation
Apply a design theme and variant, and then add appropriate titles to the slides.
On Slide 2, convert the bulleted list to a SmartArt object, and apply formatting.
Insert a blank slide after Slide 2, and paste the Excel chart as a link.
Insert a shape on one of the slides and modify the shape with at least two effects.
Insert appropriate text in the shape and create a hyperlink to the Excel workbook.
Add a slide transition to all slides.
In the Excel worksheet, add a hyperlink to the presentation.
In both files, add your name in the footer.

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