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Is it possible to maintain and create an authentic online identity

It is in essay format with 5 paragraphs. write a research report that discusses the past, present, and future implications of our online identities. Examine the effects of social media on identity, whether it’s personal, social, or cultural, and discuss whether it’s possible to create and maintain an authentic identity on the internet. Write a research report in the form of a multi-paragraph essay of at least 1250 words (approximately 250 words per paragraph) that uses in-text citation, statistics, and analysis of research to communicate an unbiased response to the essential question (above). The report must be structured with a clear introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. At least one visual aid in the form of a chart or graph must be used to support your conclusion and incorporated into the discussion. Demonstrate thorough research with at least 5 sources of your own that are identified in a Works Cited list.  






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