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Is there a translation gap of knowledge into practice for recently graduate nurses? 

Here are suggestions for my first article. its suppose to be a literature review and it should also correspond to my captsone
1. Is there a knowledge gap in ADN prepared nurses vs BSN prepared Nurses on the intervention/ treatment on pressure ulcer?
2. Is there a translation gap of knowledge into practice for recently graduate nurses?
3. What does evidence say are the best interventions/treatment for pressure ulcers?
4. What are the different dressing foams and which ones have shown to be more effective and also cost effective.

one of my main significant findings is  that at  st joesph mercy (clinical site) was that they recently opened several new units as they expand the hospital. With the new units they mostly hired graduated nurses with little or none working experience. Most of the nurses are associate prepared nurses not BSN prepared nurses. The units that had the highest incidence of pressure ulcers were the recently opened units, graduate nurses and most of them were ADN prepared.

I’m going to carry out the project on 5south which is one of the recently opened unit with graduate nurses. The nurses where asked to take an online test on pressure ulcer and the passing rate was average 65-70%. The score was noted poorly on the intervention section. Most nurses did not know what intervention was appropriate for what stage, they did not understand functions of the mepilex dressing foams and the different foams/soaps/resources available for use in the treatment of pressure ulcer.




Focus: what is the point of the article. you mention available best evidence, You have to state here what the best evidences are…so your title show identify what the best evidence are. so all your literature search should prove why those identify treatment causes are the best.
secondly, it cannot be a systematic study of 5 south because i have not carry out the project yet. It should be a systematic study of the best evidence treatments (mention the treatments} in acute care settings.
once we establish a picot and title, i believe it will be fairly easy to finish the article. Can we focus on the picot question the article will be answering? and the title of the article?


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