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Listening Journey

Listening Journey.

 Choose 5 songs or videos from this unit (you will be prompted to listen to or view these in the Power-Point lectures).  For each song or video, write about half a page.  Things to discuss include any musical characteristics you can hear, the context of the song, lyrics of the song, etc.  Avoid vague descriptions such as “has a good beat” or “has a melody.”  Try to be as objective as possible – I’m not asking what you think about the music, but instead I’m asking you to describe what you are hearing. You can describe instruments (to the best of your ability) as well as musical elements such as melody, timbre, form, and rhythm.  (You will learn more about these in the first unit).  I understand that everyone is coming from a different background – just do your best, and I will give you feedback to help you improve.

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Listening Journey


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