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The Assignment:

First, read your chosen text more than once. Examine the text closely, paying special attention to how the author presents his ideas. Your goal for this assignment is not to summarize the content of the piece, but to analyze what the text reveals about personal identity.

Next, create an essay that analyzes what is being said about personal identity. For guidance, think about these things: What viewpoint is the story or poem being told from? How does the author handle the issue? How does a fictional lens allow the writer to present the issue differently than say, a factual lens? How does fiction reveal something more real or profound about the issue?


The essay must have a focused thesis statement. You will need to cite evidence from the primary source, as well as 2 secondary sources that support your thesis. The secondary sources should deepen your understanding of the text or provide a different perspective about the issue or trait. These sources MUST be related to the Humanities! Follow MLA guidelines for structure and documentation style.


The documents in this module found under “resources,” will help you format this paper.

Acceptable Length:

Your essay should be 3 full pages in length, with a separate, MLA Works Cited Page attached.

Formatting Requirements:

You should compose your essay in a word processor (e.g., Microsoft Word). Follow all MLA stylistic, formatting and documentation guidelines.

To Submit Upload your essays in this assignment link. Simply click on add a submission. Then upload your file and save changes

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