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Local politician Minister of Health

Local politician Minister of Health.

During a Health Centre study, a brainstorming session was held with fellow staff members and a representative from a professional association. Based on this discussion, a list of stakeholders was developed. The checklist was used to ensure that the list was comprehensive. The list of stakeholders included the following:


Department Head
Clients’ families
Local community
Professional association
Staff – Nursing Other local health services
Staff – Others Other health services in similar position management of the center
Department Chief Nurse
Local politician Minister of Health
Local media Local general medical practitioners

Using the Stakeholder Analysis template (i.e the excel template as seen in Week 12), submit the 2/2 grid output pertaining to “Power – Influence Map” tab only. Upload your updated 2/2 grid as a file upload response. Use the additional details provided below to help build your grid to demonstrate your analysis of the likely stakeholder environment that will impact the Health Centre project.

  1. Interpret your stakeholder results by providing a summary of your excel output as an entry in the discussion board in a few sentences, including a rationale, in about 25 – 100 words (2 points). You may submit your summary and your excel file upload as one discussion board entry or two discussion entries. If you submit two discussion entries to support your submission, please note that the second discussion entry post must be done within a few minutes of your initial discussion entry.
  2. You are encouraged to comment on any one or more student’s discussion contribution and answer submissions. Provide a different perspective if any from your analysi

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Local politician Minister of Health


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