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Managment 179

Managment 179. Explain your understanding of free trade within a five-page essay.  In your essay, while citing the course textbook in every paragraph, develop arguments that explain the benefits, and the pitfalls, of a free trade regime.  In your essay, be sure to discuss the significance of the World Trade Organization, as you support your arguments.  Also cite one peer-reviewed journal article in your essay to support your argument, in addition to the Barron’s article provided in the course readings. Please also cite the Martin Wolf video from the Financial Times to support your position on issues related to open markets. Your paper should include a cover page, five pages of text, and a References page with one-inch margins.
Financial Times video, “End of the Chinese Miracle” End of Chinese Miracle    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t487ILVf87k
Marvin Wolf Video
“The Dollar Squeeze” in The Economist
Donald Trump’s Worst Idea: Trade Barriers, in Barron’s

Managment 179


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