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Objective: Prepare a marketing plan for a service industry
SEAFOOD RESTAURANT is releasing a new product. You will need to define the product and create a plan for marketing the product that addresses the components we have been reviewing in the lessons and reading during this class.
Questions that should be answered as you craft your new product analysis and marketing plan include but are not limited to:

  • Who is the customer?
  • What is the price v. value?
  • How does the product relate to the brand?
  • What is the marketing environment?
  • How will research be conducted?
  • How will demand be generated?
  • How will marketing communication be integrated?
  • Which outreach and communication tactics will be utilized?
  • What will make the product successful?

You may prepare and submit your marketing plan using the standard essay format or using a slide presentation.

  • If unsure, use the standard essay format.  The essay should be at least 5 pages [not including title page or references].
  • If using a slide presentation, You should have a minimum of 8 slides and a maximum of 15 slides [not including title slide or reference list].  A written script or transcript should be provided with the slides to show what would be spoken to present each slide.  The slide is a visual representation of what is spoken so the slide content and script should not be an exact match. You can submit the transcript as a separate MS Word file or using the “Notes” section of the slide.  APA formatting will be applied [and graded] on the slide presentation.

Use outside research to provide validation, corroboration, or contrasting perspectives in order to support your perspective.

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