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Miss Professor

Miss Professor.

Week 13 Discussion: Project Management (Click to Read)
Project Management
Based on week 13 reading assignment and research from three (3) academically reviewed journal articles, describe an IT or similar business project you have done, are currently doing or would like to do. This should be original and not copied from the internet. In your discussion, provide information on the following:
1.  What is that project? Provide complete description. Consider using PPM.
2.  What was the scoop, deliverable, and results of the project?
3.  What constraints did you experience and how did you/will you handle them?
4.  If you had to do the same project again, what changes will you recommend?
(Students must use academically reviewed articles only). Wikipedia and other internet articles will not be accepted. Professor will check originality of all posts with Turnitin plagiarism checker).
Use full APA throughout (use in-text citations and a APA reference list). Post your responses in the body of the discussion area. DO NOT INCLUDE AN ATTACHED WORD DOCUMENT.
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Miss Professor


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