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Modern scientific theories

Modern scientific theories recognize the interaction of genetics and environment (the availability of food sources – hunter-gathers versus farmers, the domestication of animals, climate, etc.). With this basic concept in mind, please share your thoughts on the following:
1. Homo Sapiens share a common ancestor with primates. By what mechanisms have we evolved into distinct species?
2. What defines a species?
3. How did the environment, as noted above, affect the development of various civilizations?
4. Now that the human genome ( as well as those of other species) have been mapped, how can modern technology intervene to affect genetic disorders?
5. Take a few minutes to think about your family ancestry. Do you think that what has been shared with you is accurate or inaccurate? What steps might you take to verify or refute what you think you know? What if any response might you have if the evidence presented to you contradicted what your family has shared with you?
Please be very thorough with your thoughts. The discussion format is the place to embellish your answers and provide your knowledge gained from not only the required reading, but also additional reading that you may do to enhance your overall understanding of the material.


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