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Module 01 Discussion – Care Wish List

Module 01 Discussion – Care Wish List.

Interview an older family member and find out their wishes for care in their later years. At a minimum consider the following:

    • Do they want to live with a loved one or stay in their home?
    • Maybe they would consider an Assisted Living Facility (ALF)?
    • What are their wishes for end-of-life care?
    • Are there any special cultural issues that need to be addressed?
    • Do they have an advanced directive for health care?
    • Do they have a personal will?
    • Will you be available to care for this person, if needed?
    • Do they have a pet that will need to be cared for, too

Please do not use actual names, but you can use the relative identity of aunt, uncle, grandfather, mother, etc

Please enjoy this time to talk to your family member and share any special comments or discussions you had.

Module 01 Discussion – Care Wish List


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