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Module 01 Discussion – What Can You Do to Assist Healthy People 2020?

Module 01 Discussion – What Can You Do to Assist Healthy People 2020?. Access  the Healthy People 2020 website.


Choose  a health topic from the website and answer the following questions in your own  words. What topic did you choose? Why did you choose it? What is the Goal,  according to Healthy People 2020 for your chosen topic? What does this mean to  you? Discuss actions the practical nurse can take to assist with meeting this  goal?


Discussion Board Rubric: Discussion questions provide students a format to respond, expand, integrate, and reflect on your understanding of the module content. Expectations from the faculty include students will actively participate in discussion to share and gain new insights, critique ideas, and to pursue the goal of constructing new knowledge.




Discussion Rubric Criteria




Points Possible



Incorporated knowledge of readings and material within the response, contributed a substantive posting that demonstrated cognitive reflection, critical thinking and understanding of the subject matter.


Ideas examine topic from new perspective that contributes to group understanding of topic.


Initial post: 100-125 words, minimum


Postings offered substantial, well written contributions and opinions, observations, questions, experiences, critiques, and/or suggestions.


Reflects a reference from the required readings or outside readings, and/or personal experiences related to the question.


Met criteria for length of response.



Module 01 Discussion – What Can You Do to Assist Healthy People 2020?


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