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Module 2 EDU543 For Fortified

Module 2 EDU543 For Fortified. Module 2 Case:


The articles presented in this module provide an opportunity for you to describe, distinguish, and recognize different learning styles as they relate to technology-based learning activities. You should also gain knowledge about learner readiness for technology-based learning activities. Being able to comprehend the various learning styles will enable you to more effectively engage learners (as a teacher or instructor) during technology-supported educational exchanges.

Case Assignment

Remember, you must be able to apply the authors’ key concepts to technology-based learning activities.

  • Read all three articles in the Background section of this module. As you read the articles, take notes on the characteristics of different learners. Also, take notes on how the authors’ recommend effectively engaging those learners.
  • Drawing from the background readings provided and other research literature as desired, prepare a 3- to 4-page essay addressing each of the following items:
    • Identify the impact of technology-based activities on self-directed learners.
    • Discuss the implications of technology-based activities on learner preferences and learner readiness.
    • Provide an example of two appropriate instructional strategies which may effectively engage students with technology-based learning activities, and identify the type of learning style of each of these two students.

Assignment Expectations

Be sure to synthesize, not merely summarize, material from the background readings. Cite all sources in APA format.

Module 2 SLP
The Session Long Project for this course requires students to develop a Technology-Based Learning Compendium*. This compendium will consist of a series of web-based resources and scholarly readings addressing various aspects of technology-based learning. Think of a compendium as a list or a brief summary of a larger work that you are creating. Each entry in your compendium will contain detailed information – including an annotated bibliography, and analysis and synthesis of research data. As you continue your career you should add other resources as you discover them. This SLP should continue to expand beyond this course.

* Compendium = a brief summary of content related to a specific issue; a list or inventory of items related to a particular subject area.

The following topics will be included in your Compendium, and each topic will be completed as you progress through the five modules during the Session Long Project:

Module 1 – Current Trends in Technology-based Learning

Module 2 – Learner Readiness

Module 3 – Learning Management Systems

Module 4 – Future Learning Technologies

The following information will be presented for each module topic:

  • Complete reference information – APA style.
  • Synthesis of key points/ideas presented via each resource.
  • How this resource can assist you with your e-learning needs.
  • Utility of key points/ideas with respect to the e-learning.

SLP Assignment Expectations

In accordance with the information above:

  • Peruse the Internet and Trident library for readings and scholarly resources addressing the topic of Learner Readiness – either implicitly or explicitly. When selecting resources, you should focus on learner readiness as it applies to technology-based learning. Additionally, you may want to include references on learning styles and technology as well as learning preferences and technology. Finding resources on self-directed learners and technology is a good option as well.
  • Identify and select five Learner Readiness resources to be included in your Technology-Based Learning Compendium. Annotate each literature entry, providing a summary of the article and highlighting the specific main ideas.
  • Write a 3- to 4-page paper in which you describe how the information in the selected articles can be used to effectively engage learners when learning in a technology-based environment. Also, pay particular attention to how the resources may inform educators on how to design, develop, and deliver instruction given the various learner needs and preferences.
  • Please be sure to include the following information as related to the above items:
    • Complete reference information – APA style.
    • Synthesis of key points/ideas presented via each resource.
    • Utility of key points/ideas with respect to Learner Readiness.
    • Assessment of each resource regarding the accuracy and practicality of information presented.
    • Additional suggestions or recommendations to note when viewing resource.

Module 2 Discussion:
Module 2’s content materials describe seven learning styles of students. Discuss how you, as a teacher or trainer, can accommodate these diverse learning styles through the use of instructional technology.

You will need to respond to or evaluate three peer postings, with at least a 125-word response, which will cause you and your peers to generate creative ideas and concepts for your Case Assignment and SLP.

Module 2 EDU543 For Fortified


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