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Module 4 SLP

Module 4 SLP.

Module 4 – SLP

Health Care Reform/ Integration and Reflection

The overall goal of the Session Long Project is to examine health  care delivery in the United States. Read the article “Remaking the  American health care system: A positive reflection on the Affordable  Care Act with emphasis on mental health care” by Ogundipe, Alam, Gazula,  Olagbemiro, Osiezagha, Rahn, and Richie (2015). After reading the  article and conducting your own research, please respond to the  following questions.

  1. What is the intended purpose of the PPACA that was signed into law  in 2010? Will it meet its intended purpose based on what you’ve read in  this article and from your own research on the topic?
  2. Has PPACA met its intended purpose based on what you’ve read in this article and from your own research on the topic?
  3. What do the authors state are the issues with the quality of care being provided?
  4. Identify and discuss the four mechanisms that have been implemented by the PPACA.

Length: Submit a 3-page paper, not including the cover page and the reference list.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Assessment and Grading: Your paper will be assessed based on the performance assessment rubric. You can view it under Assessments at the top of the page. Review it before you begin working on the assignment. Your work should also follow these Assignment Expectations.

Module 4 SLP


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