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name two things a writer should consider when evaluating the cultural context of their audiencea

What are three things a writer must consider when considering his her audience? – Identifying the audience’s demographics, education, prior knowledge, and expectations will affect how and what you write. Devices such as sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, and formal or informal language communicate tone and create a relationship between the writer and his or her audience.

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What are the things that we need to consider when we are writing? – There are many factors to consider before you start writing. In this learning pathway, we focus on five of them: audience, purpose, context, media, which will determine the language you use.

What are cultural values and how are they important to writers? – Expressing cultural values in literature is done through the author. It’s his or her way of showing an audience the traits and concepts that define that culture. An author’s race, gender, ethnicity, location, heritage, and other factors play a role in how an author perceives cultural attitudes, ideas, and beliefs.

Why is it important to consider your audience when writing? – It guides the intent of their writing and determines how complex or how simple the piece should be. It helps them determine what perspective is appropriate to write from, and it provides them with an understanding of what is going to either appeal to or deter their audience.

Why is it important to consider the audience and purpose of a document? – Sometimes it is easier to consider your purpose and audience when trying to develop ideas. The purpose of your paper is the reason you are writing your paper (convince, inform, instruct, analyze, review, etc). The audience of your paper are those who will read what you write.

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What is the most important thing that you need to consider in writing an essay? – There are three things to consider before writing your essay: thesis, type, and audience. Of these, the most important by far is your thesis, or the crux of what your essay is about. Your thesis, encapsulated in your thesis statement, is the central point you’re trying to make.

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What are the two cultural views? – An etic perspective refers to a psychological construct or process that is universal, or true across all cultures. An etic perspective is closely associated with cross-cultural psychology.

How do you determine cultural context? – The cultural context of a text helps the reader understand what is happening and why. It is made of up several factors including setting/location, background, cultures, beliefs, and community. Each of these items affects how a reader looks at and understands what is happening in that text.

What is cultural context in writing? – Cultural context: Beliefs, religion, marriage, food, and clothing, are all elements of cultural context that sometimes need to be provided in order to fully understand an author’s story.


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