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Need Help With Apa Document With Citations And References In 2000 Words Within 12 Hours

Need Help With Apa Document With Citations And References In 2000 Words Within 12 Hours.

 WikiLeaks is a nonprofit organization which uses its website to publish governmental, private data, corporate or religious documents that had previously been secret. The website was started in 2006, and had over 1.2 million documents in its database by the time one year had passed. Usually, it does not give out the names and addresses of people who post documents. The site is based in Sweden. Though its name is similar to Wikipedia, it is not related to Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation. The name was chosen because WikiLeaks used a wiki model at first, where people could edit the site, but it has since changed and is no longer open for editing. In July 2010, WikiLeaks was in the news for publishing over 76,900 documents related to the War in Afghanistan. In October that same year, WikiLeaks posted almost 400,000 documents that were about the War in Iraq. This was the largest ever leak of documents about the US Army. It reported mainly on deaths of civilians, soldiers, and sightings of homemade bombs or armed civilians. https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/WikiLeaks Julian Paul Assange (born 3 July 1971) is an Australian computer programmer, publisher and journalist. He is editor-in-chief of the organization WikiLeaks, which he founded in 2006. He has won numerous accolades for journalism, including the Sam Adams Award and Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism. Assange founded WikiLeaks in 2006 but came to global prominence in 2010 when WikiLeaks published a series of leaks, provided by Chelsea Manning. These leaks included the Collateral Murder video (April 2010), the Afghanistan war logs (July 2010), the Iraq war logs (October 2010), and CableGate (November 2010). Following the 2010 leaks, the United States government launched a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks and asked allied nations for assistance. In November 2010, a request was made for Assange’s extradition to Sweden, where he had been questioned months earlier over allegations of sexual assault and rape. Assange continued to deny the allegations, and expressed concern that he would be extradited from Sweden to the United States due to his perceived role in publishing secret American documents. Assange surrendered himself to UK police on 7 December 2010 and was held for ten days in solitary confinement before being released on bail. Assange sought and was granted asylum by Ecuador in August 2012. Assange has since remained in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, and is unable to leave without being arrested for breaching his bail conditions. In 2016, WikiLeaks published the DNC leaks and the Podesta emails during the United States presidential election, 2016. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_Assange There are many who have credited WikiLeaks and its founder Assange for exposing the United States, and many in its government for many illegal and secret acts on the part of the United States. Others have claimed that Assange and WikiLeaks is a spy and traitor and has seriously damaged both the reputation and security or the United States.

Take a position with regard to WikiLeaks, and state your position in the form of a hypothesis. Then support your hypothesis by case law, statutory law, codified law and otherwise. If your group so chooses, divided into two subgroups, take opposite positions and develop competing hypothesis. 

Need Help With Apa Document With Citations And References In 2000 Words Within 12 Hours


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