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This assignment will assess the competency 5. Analyze the various benefit options available to today’s managers and the framework for the benefit determination process.
Directions: This assignment has two parts; include both parts in a one-to-two page paper.
Part I: Research Assignment
Identify the essential components of a carefully thought out benefits plan package.
Part II: Textbook Assignment: The CEO of Krinkle Forms Inc. says there is a serious problem with turnover, with her observation provided below.
Seniority   Turnover Rate
0-2 years    61%
2-5 years    21%
5+ years       9%
The CEO wants to use employee benefits to lessen this problem. Before agreeing to look at this as the solution, what should run through your mind as a trained professional? What might you do, specifically, in the areas of pension vesting, vacation and holiday allocation, and life insurance coverage in the effort to reduce turnover?
Must be done in APA style including the Abstract, Introduction, and References.  2-3 pages long.


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