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1 The artist ____ made painting that were rejected from the National Academy Exhibition. He went to teach artists to paint with intensity and end emotion, and capture the spirt of the people and cities of their urban world.

2 The Ashcan art movement celebrated the sophistication and refinement of the Gilded age. T or F

3 In your own words write a minimum of five sentences decribing the Philosophy and style of Ashcan school.

4 Who was not in the Stieglitz circle of artists. Athur Dove, Marsden Hartley, Joseph Stella, Georgia Okeeffe

5 Alfred Stieglitz felt that art should be broadly appreciated and not just for enlightened buyers. T or F


In your own words, create a formal analysis of the painting by George Bellows entitled Both Members of this Club, 1909. Write the title, artist, and date that the artwork was created. Next, imagine that you are writing a letter to a friend who has never seen the painting. Describe the painting in detail. Be sure to analyze the lines, colors, textures, space, and shapes you see in the painting. Finally, write an interpretation of the painting‐‐in other words, explains what the painting says or communicates to you. What function, purpose or idea does the painting represent? Your analysis should be no less than two well developed paragraphs. You can see an example of this method of analysis at Goya Analysis at http://www.artmuseums.com/goya.htm” target=”blank http://www.artmuseums.com/goya.htm

7.ALFRED Stieglitz ran an American gallery from 1905-1917 called ______ He dedicated this exhibition space to showing avant-garde artists such as John Marin and Arthur Dove

8 What was the ready made object called fountain by artist Marcel Duchamp ( R Mutt )?

9 Modern Artist rejected that era. a. the age of enlightenment b.the neoclassical age c. the impressionist age

10 Whose NUDE Descending a staircase No.2 was the most controversial work at armory show of 1913


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