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Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.

Activity 4 Instructions
Chapter 6: Warning Labels
Under strict product liability, warning labels and directions for safe use must be included with every product sold or used in the United States. It is important for medical office personnel to keep a watchful eye out for damaged products that if left in use could cause injury to a patient.
For example, if something looks like a chair and is placed in use as a chair, it follows that it should be able to be sat on like a chair. If no visible warning labels are present, a morbidly obese patient sits on the chair, and the chair collapses under the patient’s weight, both the physician and the manufacturer could be held liable.
Look up warning labels and directions for use on various Internet sites. Find labels with warnings that “a reasonable person” should know but that manufacturers have included on the product to prevent potential litigation. Do not use the same site for each of your products. You must use 5 separate websites for this project.
Your paper must include at least 5 warning labels, directions, and the Internet site’s web address for that product. Please name the site and place the web address underneath the name. The warnings and directions must be easily located by your instructor.
Focused Activity 3 Instructions
Answer the following questions in 1–2 pages in 12-point font and double-spaced. Answers should be in complete sentences and in your own words. Provide citations with specific answers and a reference list, at the end, in current APA format.
Use your textbook to compare and contrast the similarities and differences of the following careers: physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant. Thoroughly cover topics of education, work description, work environment, opportunities, etc.
This paper should be written in a comparison/contrast style of writing, highlighting the similarities and differences of the three professions (do not simply describe each profession).
Use the course textbook, as well as these helpful websites, to learn more about the topics: Association of American Medical CollegesAmerican of Academy of Nurse PractitionersAmerican Academy of Physician Assistants.

Nursing homework help


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