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Organizational Behavior

Each discussion question needs to be at least 150 words with at least one citation.
Discussion Question 1:
Motivation is essential to organizational behavior management. Discuss the three key elements of motivation.
Discussion question 2:
Describe an incident from your work or personal life where the organizational setting negatively influenced behavior. What was the situation? What happened? What could have been done differently to better handle the situation?
Volkema, R. J. (2010). Unifying principles of organizational behavior. Journal of the Academy of Business Education, 11, 70-92.
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Nason, R. S., Bacq, S., & Gras, D. (2018). A behavioral theory of social performance: social identity and stakeholder expectations. Academy of Management Review, 43(2), 259–283.
Heinitz, K., Lorenz, T., Schulze, D., & Schorlemmer, J. (2018). Positive organizational behavior: Longitudinal effects on subjective well-being. PLoS ONE, 13(6), 1–15.


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