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Peer Review On Thesis Writing

Peer Review On Thesis Writing.

I have to write a 100+ word peer review for a thesis statement writing on foreign policy and domestic policy. Please look through the thesis statement provided below and give any feedback that are constructive and helpful. It has to bring new insights and perspectives onto her writing. Do not write anything like “I really enjoyed reading your paper, it was very well written” Because it is not helpful at all. Thank you!

“The US government sometimes sets up some trade barriers for other countries in the name of free trade in order to protect the US domestic economy. According to historical and recent relevant records, the US government launched a trade war against the Chinese government to increase tariff barriers of certain commodity to protect the development of the US economy. This research is necessary because free trade is always touted as a means of economic sanctions, and in fact the unreasonable free trade war actually has some negative consequences for the two warring states and the people of both countries, which are usually manifested in politics, economy, and culture.”

Peer Review On Thesis Writing


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