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The first symptoms were hardly noticed An
Pheno Pen occasional delay starting the engine a sudden backfire here and there morphed into a stead creaking squeak in the chassis which eventually joined forces with a shuddering wobble whenever he braked hard. But after warming up on the road the car ran pretty much like it always had.
For many years and throughout the centuries humans have recognized the importance of greens and green vegetables. It is widely accepted that vegetables should be a large part of meals and before the sweets we have today desserts were mostly comprised of fruit. People have used only the most valuable plants to harvest and then once eaten the seeds were naturally spread into the earth. The modern diet of society wasn’t introduced until around the 16th century this is when people discovered the fruits and vegetables we now eat.
Green vegetables are important to our daily diet because they provide an essential base and are part of the daily food pyramid. Calcium and magnesium present in greens form minerals which are not found in fruits nuts or seeds! Many of the fruits on the market now are very low in calcium. Although we are often told that fruits such as oranges and figs are rich in calcium it is the seeds that contain the highest amounts of calcium in most fruits. Greens and green vegetables are also considered an acid-forming food.
Folic acid and B Vitamins are very important for cell growth and cellular reproduction leafy green vegetables are very high in both of these important ingredients. Antioxidants are also essential to maintaining good health one of the most powerful antioxidants is Vitamin C which is found in extremely high amounts in leafy greens especially spinach kiwi broccoli and parsley.
Another important component is carotenoids these are spotted as highly yellow to red pigments occurring in plants. These pigments are components of vitamin A. Vitamin A is vital in providing support to the immune system and also helps maintain our vision. Potassium calcium iron and zinc are all found in green foods in large quantities along with magnesium.


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