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PHIL 1301 Reflection #4

Respond thoughtfully to five (5) questions from the Post-Reading Reflections questions in Chapter 7, and five (5) Post-Reading Reflections questions in Chapter 8. Make sure you write the question first and number each response.
Chapter 7
1.       Explain the role hedonistic thinking played in the origins of Stoicism.
2.       How did Cynicism Influence Stoicism? Be specific.
3.       What is the relationship of Socrates to Cynicism and Stoicism?
4.       How are the Logos and fate related in Stoicism?
5.       Identify and discuss possible problems with the Stoic notion of fate.
6.       Stoicism was quickly absorbed into Christianity. Identify and comment on any similarities you are aware of.
7.       What is the disinterested rational will, and why is it important to Stoic doctrine?
8.       What do the Stoics think falls under our control? What do the Stoics think does not fall under our control? Do you agree? Why or why not?
9.       Discuss the difference between avoidable and unavoidable suffering. How can we tell which is which? Why does it matter?
10.   Explain the Stoic attitude toward relationships. How does it differ from today’s attitudes? What do you see as important strengths and weaknesses of each perspective?
11.   What does Seneca mean when he says “I account you unfortunate because you have never been unfortunate because you have never unfortunate”? How do the Stoics interpret suffering? What do you think of this view?
12.   What do you think of James Stockdale’s claim that a good philosophical education is highly practical? Give his position and then comment on it.
Chapter 8
1.       Compare and contrast the classical worldview with the medieval.
2.       What basic conditions led to the development of Christian philosophy? Where did the need for interpretation come from?
3.       In your own words, describe the chief characteristics of Scholastic scholarship.
4.       In what ways is the medieval scholar the forerunner of the modern professor?
5.       Which of the Five Ways do you think is the weakest? Explain why.
6.       Which of the Five Ways do you think is the most convincing? Explain why.
7.       In general terms, compare and contrast scientific attempts to explain the origin of the universe with theological or philosophical ones.
8.       What is evil, according to Thomas?
9.       According to Thomas, what is the relationship of free will to love?


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