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Physics: Projectile Motion Experiment

Physics: Projectile Motion Experiment.

Projectile Motion Experiment


By Monday, August 19, perform the following experiments online at the Projectile Motion – Galileo website. (http://galileo.phys.virginia.edu/classes/109N/more_stuff/Applets/ProjectileMotion/jarapplet.html)


Fill in the tables, and post your answers to the questions.


Question 1

Procedure: Keep the initial velocity fixed at 50 m/s. Perform the experiment for each of the following angles:

  • 15 degrees
  • 30 degrees
  • 45 degrees
  • 60 degrees
  • 75 degrees

Record in table 1:

  • The maximum horizontal distance (Range) traveled by the projectile at various angles
  • The total time of flight at various angles
  • The maximum height attained

Table 1: Experiment 1 – Range & Time of flight

S. No. Initial Velocity Angle of Projection Range Time of Flight  Maximum Height Attained


Observe and Analyze:

  • What angle produces the maximum range? Why?
  • What angle produces the maximum height? Why?
  • Are there angles which produce the same range? If so, how would you explain this?


Question 2 

Procedure: Set the angle to 45 degrees. Perform the experiment with the following initial velocities.

  • 30 m/s
  • 40 m/s
  • 50 m/s
  • 60 m/s

Record in Table 2: The horizontal and vertical components of the velocity and the ranges for each of the velocities.


Table 2: Experiment 2 – Range at 45°



S. No. Initial Velocity Horizontal Velocity Vertical Velocity Range at 45°


Observe and Analyze:

  • As the velocity is increased what happens to the Range?
  • Using the initial horizontal and vertical velocities from your table, verify mathematically that the range is correct for the initial speed of 60 m/s.


Attached are assignment related online lectures and textbook chapters


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Physics: Projectile Motion Experiment


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