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Powerpoint Assignment

perform the below instructions to the po2c1women_lastfirst  powerpoint file the other two files will be needed to complete the assignment

Outline and Modifications

Based on the storyboard you created after researching women in STEM on the Internet, you type the outline of your presentation. As you create the outline, you also modify the outline structure.

  • a.Open Outline view.
  • b.Type Name 3 women in STEM as the title for Slide 2.
  • c.Type each of the following as Level 1 bullets for Slide 2: My biology teacher, My computer applications teacher, My math teacher.
  • d.Type Think on a bigger scale as the title for Slide 3. Enter each of the following as Level 1 bullets for Slide 3: National names?, and International names?
  • e.Add this speaker note to Slide 3: These may be hard questions to answer quickly because there are relatively few women in these fields.
  • f.Type Here are some names to get you started as the title for Slide 4.
  • g.Type each of the following as Level 1 bullets for Slide 4: Sally Ride, Christa McAuliffe.
  • h.Add this speaker note to Slide 4: For different reasons, both of these women were important in the development of the aerospace industry.

Imported Outline

You have an outline on women in STEM that was created in Microsoft Word and also a slide show on that topic. You reuse this content to build your slide show.

  • a.Position the insertion point at the end of the outline after Slide 4.
  • b.Use the Slides from Outline option to insert the p02c1Stem outline.
  • c.Delete Slide 5 and any blank slides.
  • d.Demote the last two bullets on the new Slide 5.
  • e.Click the first bullet on Slide 6. Cut and paste the text after the name and date from the bullet point to the Notes pane. Replace She with Hypatia. Repeat for the remaining two bullets.
  • f.Delete all text after physics for the first bullet of Slide 7. Replace the comma with a period.
  • g.Position the insertion point at the end of the outline.
  • h.Reuse Slides 2 and 3, using the same order, from p02c1Work to add two slides to the end of the presentation.
  • i.Modify the outline structure by reversing slides 8 and 9.


The content of some of the imported slides does not fit well and the font colors are not uniform across all of the slides. You want to adjust the layout and font color to create a well-designed presentation. Then you decide to view a slide show to verify your changes.

  • a.Switch to Normal view. Change the layout of Slide 9 to Blank.
  • b.Check Slides 5–7 to ensure the title placeholder font is Arial Black (Heading) with the color set to Black, Text 2. Check the subtitle font to Arial Body with the color set to Grey 80%, Text 1.
  • c.Use the spelling checker and proofread the presentation.
  • d.View a slide show from the beginning.
  • e.Move Slide 5 to just before Slide 8.


To facilitate organization of the presentation and moving between the slides, you create sections.

  • a.Add a section before Slide 2 and rename it Quiz.
  • b.Add a section before Slide 5 and rename it History.
  • c.Add a section before Slide 7 and rename it Reasoning.
  • d.Print the outline as directed by your instructor.
  • e.Save and close the file. Based on your instructor’s directions, submit p02c1Women_LastFirst.


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