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Practicum Experience And Evaluation

Practicum Experience And Evaluation.

Plan to complete all required practicum hours by tomorrow 8/3/19 before midnight. In APA format Reflect on any feedback you have received from individuals in your practicum setting and complete your own self-reflection as you asses your practicum experience, including your professional growth, during this course. Integrate this evaluation into your final journal entry.
Include the level one and two headers as numbered below and a minimum of three scholarly references
Submit a journal entry for your practicum experiences. In your journal entry:
1) Evaluate your practicum experience for this course
2) Include a reflection on your development as a scholar-practitioner and nurse leader.
3) Also, complete and submit an evaluation of your practicum experiences throughout the DNP Program. Consider how your skills and knowledge have grown in the following areas as you prepare your self-evaluation:
a) Leadership
b) Advanced nursing practice
c) Promoting quality improvement
d) Improving health outcomes
e) Informing health care policy
Review the Practicum Experience Evaluation document found in this week’s Learning Resources for further instructions on what you may include in your evaluation (see attached document).
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Practicum Experience And Evaluation


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