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ProfileScarlett12 Field: Nursing Posted: A Day AgoDue: 19/09/2017Budget: $8Report Issue Week 4: Transformational Nursing Leaders 3 3 Unread Replies. 3 3 Replies. Review Appendix A, Sections I–V In Finkelman (2016). Select One Of The Sections And Sha

Field: Nursing
Posted: A Day AgoDue: 19/09/2017Budget:  $8Report Issue
Week 4: Transformational Nursing Leaders
3 3 unread replies. 3 3 replies.
Review Appendix A, Sections I–V in Finkelman (2016).
Select one of the sections and share how your chief nurse executive demonstrates expertise in these competencies.  Your comments should be about the “highest nursing leader” in your organization. Typically this is the leader who represents nurses and nursing to the governing board.
In your own words, explain the differences between a transactional nursing leader and a transformational nursing leader. What one is more like your Nurse Executive?
Describe how the Nurse Executive “leads the charge” for transformational leadership in an organization where you work or have done prelicensure clinical experiences.
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There are several sections in this appendix from which you can choose. Concentrate on one section and discuss competencies you see your Nurse Executive displaying. Keep in mind that they Nurse Executive the individual ultimately responsible for nursing and is at the top of your organization. This is not your director or nursing manager, but your Chief Nurse Executive.
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