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Promoting A Healthy Self-Esteem

Let’s suppose you have just started working in a long-term care facility, as a nurse, and you have a client who has been living there for several years. He/she does not want to participate in any activities, only comes out of their room for meals, walks a bit hunched over with a cane, is not well-groomed, and does not seem to have made any true friendships with the other residents. This person can be male or female and seems to be angry most of the time when interacting with others.
How would you go about establishing a rapport with this person? If the client accepts you, what questions would you ask him/her in order to identify the reasons for why they do not participate in activities and what did the client tell you? Depending on their answer, do you think they suffer from low self-esteem, disturbed body image, fears of some kind, anxiety, or hopelessness? Finally, list several interventions you would find in the care plan that could help this person to gain happiness in life and why they may be helpful.


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