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Psyc 2301 Unit IV Test -Developmental Psychology

1. Dr. Johan tends to believe in the _____ model of development, which says that changes
occur at a relatively uniform pace. Dr. Ziback tends to believe in the _____ model,
which says that there are periods of rapid and abrupt change – which are separated by
periods of very little change.
A) nurturing; natural
B) uniform; stop-start
C) continuity; stage
D) none of these options
2. _____ studies are the most time efficient method, whereas _____ studies provide the
most in-depth information per participant.
A) Correlational; experimental
B) Fast-track; follow-up
C) Cross-sectional; longitudinal
D) Cohort-sequential; cohort-intensive
3. The use of _____ during pregnancy is most associated with premature birth, low
birth-weight infants, and fetal death.
A) nicotine
B) caffeine
C) aspirin
D) all of these options
4. Which of the following is CORRECT regarding brain development?
A) The weight of an infant’s brain is 1/2 that of an adult’s and reaches full adult weight
by age 16.
B) The number of neurons in the infant brain at birth is about one-eighth the number
in the adult brain.
C) Axon and dendrite connections increase
D) Myelination peaks at age 12.
5. Which of the following is INCORRECT regarding menopause?
A) It is the cessation of menstruation.
B) It occurs between the ages of 45 and 55.
C) It is the result of decreases in estrogen production.
D) It is strongly associated with severe mood swings, depression, and loss of sexual
6. Assimilation occurs when new information is _____.
A) adjusted
B) modified
C) absorbed into existing schemas
D) all of these options
7. When a typist changes from a conventional typewriter to a word processor, his typing
schema will have to _____ in order to incorporate the new techniques needed for the
new equipment.
A) assimilate
B) differentiate
C) accommodate
D) recapitulate
8. Tesia said, “The rain quit falling because I wanted to go out to play.” This is an example
of _____, which indicates that Tesia is in the _____ of cognitive development.
A) animism; sensorimotor stage
B) subjective permanence; preoperational
C) egocentrism; preoperational stage
D) conservation; concrete operational stage
9. Infants raised in impersonal or abusive surroundings suffer from a number of problems.
These include:
A) they seldom cry, coo, or babble
B) they become rigid when picked up
C) they have few language skills
D) all of these
10. According to Baumrind, the _____ parenting style is most likely to produce self-reliant
and high achieving children.
A) permissive
B) autonomous
C) authoritative
D) authoritarian
11. Five-year-old Tyler believes “bad things are what you get punished for.” Tyler is at
Kohlberg’s _____ level of morality.
A) concrete
B) preconventional
C) postconventional
D) punishment oriented
12. Officers in World War II, the Vietnam War, and the war in Bosnia have explained some
of their behavior with the reasoning: “I was just following orders.” This is an example of
which stage of moral development:
A) punishment-obedience
B) social-contract
C) military-contract
D) law and order
13. Serena is one-month old and is not living up to her name. She is easily frustrated, tense,
and reacts more than most infants when her schedule is upset. Thomas and Chess would
categorize her as _____.
A) an obnoxious child
B) a difficult baby
C) an irritable child
D) a baby with colic
14. Chelsea is a toddler who has authoritarian parents. Her parents do not allow her to make
any decisions on her own. As a result, Chelsea may have difficulty resolving the _____
developmental stage.
A) autonomy versus shame and doubt
B) trust versus mistrust
C) initiative versus guilt
D) industry versus inferiority
15. In Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, the establishment of a sense of self
and a role in society is dependent upon successfully resolving which of the following
A) generativity vs. stagnation
B) ego integrity vs. despair
C) identity vs. role confusion
D) intimacy vs. isolation
16. Forty-year-old Carl is very proud that he has the fastest car on the road and the finest
house on the block, but feels lonely and isolated when he goes home to his family. Carl
is likely to be in Erikson’s _____ stage of development.
A) ego integrity vs. despair
B) generativity vs. stagnation
C) intimacy vs. isolation
D) identity vs. role confusion
17. Critical factors in adjustment of children after parental divorce include, but are not
limited to, _____.
A) resources and support systems available
B) involvement with noncustodial parent
C) individual child attributes
D) all of the above


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