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Race And Ethnics Relations

Race And Ethnics Relations. 1. Dis. 7
Should we continue to collect data on race and ethnicity?
In what situations should we continue collecting data on race and ethnicity, and in what situations should we stop collecting data on race and ethnicity?  (see Desmond & Emirbayer)
2. Jour. 7
We determine whether our society is “colorblind.”  Our objectives this week are to:
· Describe colorblind racism and new racism;
· Discuss social policy implications of erroneous beliefs that we live in a post-racial or colorblind society; and
· Summarize the perception gap between majority and minority groups and how that impacts support for public policy aimed at combating racial inequality.
Please read all the information provided within the module and the indicated course book readings, then proceed to complete and submit this week’s assignments in a timely and effective manner.
Due Thursday
Both 200 each words

Race And Ethnics Relations


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