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Reading homework help

Reading homework help. Ethics Midterm Take-Home Portion Only
(See the “Midterm Prep” document for complete midterm details.)
Worth 80% of your overall midterm grade.
Complete this BEFORE class on the day of the midterm. Submit your completed responses in D2L before class.
Question 1  10 points

  1. Briefly describe the main levels of moral development identified by Kohlberg and the main characteristics of each (you can draw a model to enhance your explanation).
  2. Explain at least one type of resistance people use to avoid making moral progress.

Question 2:   10 points

  • Describe ethical subjectivism and/or cultural relativism. Make reference to at least two facts in your description.
  • If somebody uses ethical subjectivism or cultural relativism to justify a moral choice, are they using a weak justification or a strong justification? Explain.

Question 3:   10 points
1) Describe utilitarianism. Use at least two facts in your description.

  • Create your own example to illustrate how a utilitarian would evaluate a moral choice.

Question 4:   10 points

  • Describe what makes Immanuel Kant’s moral theory (deontology/duty ethics) different from utilitarianism.
  • Write out the two main ways the categorical imperative is stated and be able to explain what each means in your own words. HINT: “Act only…” and “Act so as…”
    1. Create your own example to explain what you think it would look like if someone applies the categorical imperative while interacting with another person.

Question 5:   10 points

  • Conduct a self-assessment of your own moral reasoning at this point:
    1. What, do you think, are the strengths of your moral reasoning at this point? Use class concepts to enhance your explanation.
    2. What, do you think, is an area where you can improve your moral reasoning at this point? Use class concepts to enhance your explanation.

Brief Self-Evaluation:

  • What score do you think you’ll get on this test? Why?

Extra Credit:

  • What is the main question you have about ethics at the moment? (Try to formulate a well-worded question.)
  • What examples, questions, or activities have helped you gain the most insight into ethics and philosophy so far in our class?
  • Make up your own question and answer it here:


Reading homework help


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