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Review of the exhibition (4-5 pages, 1000-1200 words).
For the second part of this assignment you will write a review of the exhibition. Yes, this is a review of an imaginary exhibition that you curated. Think of this as a kind of self-critique. This review can be written in the manner of an art or design critic (you could think of this as a kind of role-playing through writing). Alternatively you could take a more experimental or narrative approach.
How could a review be written via Twitter or Instagram? Consider these questions: -What is this exhibition saying about design? Did the curation of these objects produce a critique? Or a new way of looking at design? -Was this exhibition engaging? How is the theme of the exhibition relevant to contemporary design audiences? -Was the venue appropriate for the exhibition? Did the exhibition use the space of the venue effectively? Did the interaction between site and objects in the exhibition produce new ways of understanding both the site and objects? -How could the exhibition be improved? Were there key designers/artists or objects missing? Are there other exhibitions that cover the same ground in better or in different ways?


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