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Research Method Part 1 Discussion

Research Method Part 1 Discussion. find 3 Journal articles on longevity of life for each paragraph

This week you will write the the first draft of the introduction to your paper based on the articles you have collected and have been diligently reading.

The topic of your paper is longevity and  the factors that significantly contribute to it.  Please provide one well supported paragraph on EACH of the components of the topic listed below. Write well supported paragraphs. Every paragraph should start with a clear topic sentence and contain 3 lines of strong support and evidence for that statement FROM  JOURNAL ARTICLES (3 articles for EACH paragraph please)  that you have read. There will be a TOTAL of 9 (3 for each paragraph) articles used TOTAL for the first draft. Please label your journal articles with numbers and follow every sentence in your paragraphs (except the topic sentence) by the number of a journal article in parentheses. Please use your journal articles as models of how to write a research paper. Every one of them has been professionally published.

Paragraph #1

Explain WHAT factors in diet supports health and longevity (according to your articles).

Paragraph #2

Explain WHAT factors in  exercise supports health and longevity (according to your articles).

Paragraph #3

Explain WHAT factors in  social support promotes health and longevity (according to your articles) .

After your three paragraphs,  make a list numbered 1 to 9 and next to each number, write the title, author, journal and year of each of your journal articles.

Research Method Part 1 Discussion


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