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Research Paper On AWS Storage- S3,Aurora

Research Paper On AWS Storage- S3,Aurora. Thesis Paper should cover

How ransomware could be avoided with AWS storage especially AWS S3 Storage-

Explain ransomware attack with enterprises how it could be avoided with AWS Storage

—–> Start with this Introduction

Main Thesis Statement: (To be included in Introduction)

AWS Storage is crucial for every business to expand faster, be better positioned to seize emerging opportunities, and avoid ransomware attacks because it provides low-cost data storage with high durability, availability, and security.

Main paper should cover the below in Detail: (Methodology and Advantages/Disadvantages)

Amazon S3-S3 Glacier, Amazon EFS, and Amazon EBS (Explain Availability Vs Durability)

Amazon Aurora database working in all the above three availability zones.

S3-Transferring large amounts of data (Explain backup onsite Vs offsite – frequently used vs old data)- AWS Snowball, AWS Snowmobile

Paper Structure (APA Format-22 to 25 pages)


Introduction (this should cover thesis statement)

Literature Review

Methodology (Include Pictures would be helpful)

Advantages/Disadvantages- Findings



Research Paper On AWS Storage- S3,Aurora


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