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Corporate  Social Responsibility is a model which organizations use as a commitment to achieve positive social, environmental, and economic effects. Another way to look at it is the manager’s obligation to make long-term decisions that protect and enhance the welfare and well-being of stakeholders and the organization’s community. The effects of good corporate social responsibility not only helps the company but also the community. Positive CSR allows for programs, philanthropy, and volunteer efforts to boost society and the company’s brands. By drawing positive attention to the company’s brands, they establish good reputations, attract positive attention, maximize operational efficiency and minimize negative environmental impacts.
Thee organization that continues to make positive CSR initiatives is Starbucks. Starbucks is known for their sense of social responsibility and commitment to sustainability. Starbucks has made environmental milestones with created a product which allows for their cups to be 100% recyclable. In addition, Starbucks encourages their employees to give back to the community and volunteer at local non-profits and community events. This helps to promote Starbucks as a brand and continue to associate them with a positive reputation for social change (Bear, Rahman, and Post, 2010). Starbucks has and will continue to reach their goals in creating positive social change and pushing other large corporations in the same direction.
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