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SCI 115 Quiz 10

1. In the population growth model, dN/dt is a measure of ——————–.
2. In the population growth model, what is the effect of equal rates of birth and death?
3. In a growing population, in the population growth model, as the population (N) gets close to the carrying capacity (K), the rate of population growth (dN/dt)
4. In Predator-Prey Model 1, as the predator population continues to increases, the prey population will eventually begin to ____.
5. In Predator-Prey Model 1, why are the predator and prey growth curves out of phase?
6. In Predator-Prey Model 1, what causes the peaks in the prey population (i.e., what causes the prey population to stop increasing in size and start decreasing in size)?
7. When the predator population is above the prey isocline, the prey population is:
8. When the predator population is below the prey isocline, the prey population is:
9. Given that the Predator-Prey Model 2 combines aspects of the Population Growth model and the Predator-Prey 1 model, can you determine what is causing the fluctuations? Can you figure out what causes the populations to eventually stabilize at zero population growth?
10. In Predator-Prey Model 2, when a prey population dramatically decreases, the predator population will subsequently _______.


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