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Short Discussion Social Media And Business

Short Discussion Social Media And Business. Give an example of social media being used in the world of business.  Do more than list a facebook page for a company or product.  Explain how the social media for the product or company was or is used,


Social media is a great source for marketing/advertising and relaying messages globally. Whether utilizing the social media platform as a message board or to sell a product it can reach reach millions in a matter of seconds.

Example the business of the United States is plastered on social media daily. Twitter is used to relay messages to the American people by the current administration daily; often spurring out derogatory sound bytes and untrue information. However, it’s been very effective in helping to keep the country and the world as a whole in an uproar.

From the retailers point of view. Social media is used to advertise and or sell products, goods and services; again, reaching more viewers in a matter of seconds. Most online purchases are generated from an advertisers presence on social media. Any merchandise or service you want can be purchased online and delivered to you.

Example 2

Social networking has proved itself countless times to be a valuable asset both through personal value and value correlating to businesses. Instant communication is the highest level of  interaction between  a business and its customers. Customers may leave reviews, exclaim about customer service, or otherwise become a valuable asset in the form of free marketing. The responses are fast and easily accessible; many fast food chains like Wendy’s or Starbucks, as well as larger names like FASFA operate through social media to respond to questions or problems that may pop up.

Short Discussion Social Media And Business


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