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should a writer writr when they are tired

Is it better to write when tired? – Your brain does creative work better when you’re tired. If you’re a morning lark, say, you’ll want to favor those morning hours when you’re feeling more fresh to get your most demanding, analytical work done. Using your brain to solve problems, answer questions and make decisions is best done when you’re at your peak.

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Why do I feel tired when I write? – It’s nice to stay busy, but it’s not good to become overworked. Writer’s block has a sister, and it’s called writer’s fatigue. The main difference is that writer’s block can happen at any time, but the writer’s fatigue exclusively occurs after you’ve spent too much time on a writing session.

Does being tired make you more creative? – According to research by psychologist Mareike Wieth, associate professor of psychology at Albion College, we are more creative in the afternoons or other times when we are a little tired or groggy and unable to hone our focus. This diffuse attention allows us to think more creatively, Wieth writes.

Are you more creative when sleep deprived? – Got a stubborn work problem that needs some brainstorming, or a puzzling riddle that requires some creative insight? Tackle it when you are sleepy. This answer seems counterintuitive—surely feats of mental dexterity require the focus that comes from an alert mind.

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What is writer’s burnout? – Burnout is something that happens when someone is stressed and overworked for too long. Writer’s burnout lasts longer than your typical writer’s block and is a lot harder to overcome. Writer’s block is looking at a page, unable or unsure how to put what is in your head on the page.

How do I stop writing fatigue? – Sit up straight with your shoulders back, your chest out, and avoid leaning over the desk. If you lean over your work, your neck, shoulders, and arms will tire out much faster. For longer writing sessions, vary your posture. Lean one way and the other in your chair, and try to lean back every now and then.


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