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Social Media And How It Affects Children In School.

*The Topic Im Choosing Is Social Media And How It Affects Children In School.*

please use Psyc-Info to find FIVE peer-reviewed research 

articles that present research related to the topic that you have selected.

Please make sure that

these papers present new, original research.  They should each have a “participants” section; 

this is one important way to tell if the article presents new empirical research.

APA format is Very important in this class !

Specifics about how to turn in the assignment:

Page 1)  APA style title page.  Don’t forget about the running head and the page numbers!

Make sure to use 12-point Times Font, double spaced consistently (no extra spaces).


book has an example cover page on page 349.  Please use this as a model.

Page 2) Paragraph describing your topic. You can explain why it is important, or why you want

to learn more about it, or why you think more research should be conducted on the topic.  Don’t

forget the running head and the page numbers (

keep it consistent with APA style – see the

example APA paper that starts on page 349 of your text.  The running head looks different on

page 1 compared to the other pages in an APA style documen


Page 3) APA style reference section where you will list each of the articles that you found on

your time spent with Psyc-Info.  You should have FIVE at this time (however if you would like

to include more, feel free to…but not necessary). Again, don’t forget the running head and page


Page 4)  Appendix.  Treat this as an APA-Style Appendix Section and keep the running heads

and page numbers.  You will present the following information for each article that is included in

your reference section (will be easiest if you make a table to present the information).  It is very

basic at this point, don’t worry, we’ll get much more detailed in later assignments!!

Title of the article

Authors of the article

How many participants were studied in the research?  Basic age/gender/racial

composition/socioeconomic status/occupational/school information?

Where was the research conducted?  (a laboratory?  Classrooms?  Families’ homes?)

Name of the Journal where the research was published – be sure to spell out the whole

name, not using abbreviations (APA style does not use abbreviations for journal titles)

Example of how to present the information for each of your five articles (based on one of

your professor’s recent articles- feel free to use this table but insert the information from your

own papers).



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