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Social Work Discussion Questions –>Use Headers And Scholarly References

Social Work Discussion Questions –>Use Headers And Scholarly References. Question 1

Post an explanation of the importance of an interdisciplinary team in end-of-life care.

Briefly describe different programs providing hospice care with regard to team structure and scope of services.

Compare the roles of a social worker on a hospice team in a hospital-based program and in a home hospice program.

Explain your feelings about the emotionally intense work of hospice care.

Finally, explain the strategies you might consider coping with your emotions.

Question 2 

Post a description of perceptions of palliative care from the perspective of a:



Social worker-

Then, explain the roles of social workers in providing palliative care.

Compare and contrast the fundamental differences between palliative care and hospice care.

Explain medical conditions where you might consider palliative care over hospice care for a patient. Justify your position. Use examples to illustrate your case.

Social Work Discussion Questions –>Use Headers And Scholarly References


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