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The Judicial Branch

11.7 Final Project: Part 4 – The Judicial Branch DUE 07/14/2019

(Important: To review the scenario and the general instruction for the whole Final Project of which this assignment is a part, please see 1.6 Final Project Preview [opens in a new window])
The judicial branch of the United States government sets how the ideals of equal justice are handed down. Its role as important policymaker cannot be entirely diminished. For example, the Supreme Court, although it makes only the most minute fraction of the American judicial policy, decides on major key issues that shape people’s lives, even matters of life and death. Recognizing the gravity of the role of the judicial branch, the Framers of the Constitution went against the hallmark of American democracy and appointed members of the federal courts for life rather than electing them for a limited term of office.


In this Part 4 of the Final Project, you will be writing Article 3 of your Constitution. Article 3 should represent the judicial branch of your new government.
Please review Article 3 of the US Constitution (opens in a new window) as an example, model, or inspiration for creating your own Constitution. Other resources which may be helpful are listed below.


***Before you begin, please review the scenario in 1.6 Final Project Review. ***
Please follow the procedures here to guide you.

  1. Write Article 3 of your Constitution. It should contain the following information in at least five sections:
    • a description of the judicial branch of your government.
    • a description of the structure of the judicial branch and how it is organized.
    • a description of how the members of the judicial branch are selected and their term of office.
    • a description of the qualifications of the members of the judicial branch
    • a description of the powers and authority of the judicial branch.
  2. Below are a few guiding questions to help you:
    • What is the ultimate purpose of the judicial branch?
    • How is the judicial branch of your government organized?
    • How are the members of the judicial branch selected and what is their term of office?
    • What are the qualifications of the members of the judicial branch?
    • What are the powers and authority of the judicial branch?
    • What are the duties of the head of the judicial branch?
  3. Along with your Article 3, please write a paragraph explaining why you chose the kind of structure for the judicial branch of your new nation. By comparing the Article 3 of your Constitution to Article 3 of the US Constitution, discuss also how your judicial branch is different or similar to the judicial branch of the United States.
  4. Lastly, please provide at least two sources from the Internet where you obtained your information. Name the websites and the website addresses.
  5. Submit your completed Article 3 in a word document (Microsoft Word, Open Office, PDF, or Google Docs), including the paragraph as described in No. 3 of this instruction and your sources.



You are a member of a group of pioneers who traveled from a distant land to settle in an unknown island in the Pacific. Your first task, as one of the new settlers, is to create order and organization in your new-found settlement. Your group, as a result, became founders of a new government. In order for this government to take shape, you need to create a Constitution or plan that will lay out the structure of your government


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