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The Power Of Maps: Exploring ArcGIS Online

Purpose: For this homework assignment you will briefly explore ArcGIS Online, a product of the ESRI geospatial company.  You will work through a series of 4 ‘lessons’ and answer a few questions or provide screenshots, as outlined below.  The assignment should take no more than 60 minutes.
Preparation: To access the ArcGIS Online “Power of Maps” lessons, navigate to the following webpage
Task: Read through the Overview, then work through the four lessons.  Be sure to insert all your question/prompt responses in this Answer Sheet预览文档. (Submit to “ArcGIS” on Canvas when finished.)
[For making screenshots in MAC computers: If you simultaneously press these four buttons shift+control+command+4, a crosshair cursor allows you to select an area for a screen shot.  The resulting screen shot is placed on your ‘clipboard’; you can then paste it in your answer document.]
QUESTIONS to answer
Lesson 1: Maps are windows into information.
First, work through the entire lesson.  Then, zoom into an area in the US that you know well (i.e. your hometown or a place you’ve visited), turn on either the ethnicityor income levellayer, click on a census tract so that a pop- up appears showing layer details. Take a screen shot so that the pop-up window and selected layer are visible.
#1: Insert this screenshot in your Answer Sheet.
Lesson 2: Maps can be used to tell stories.
Carefully read through the 3 story maps. For each of the 3 story maps, name 1 element that you found most effective for sharing the story in this mapping platform.
#2: Battle of Gettysburg
#3: Obesity and Diabetes
#4: African Elephants
#5: Name another topic you think would be interesting in this story map format.
Lesson 3: Maps can be used to perform geographic analysis.
First, work through all of Lesson 3.  Then, find the Indianapolis Fire Station 42 (hint: it’s on the eastern part of the city on S Franklin St. near the intersection of Brookville Rd and Interstate 465).
#6: What is the shortest estimated time to any of the schools it serves?
#7: What is the name of that school?
#8: What’s the longest estimate time to any of the school it serves?
#9: What is the name of that school?
Lesson 4: Maps can be used to envision the past.
First, work through all of Lesson 4. Then, find the oldest map available for Boston, MA, display it on the USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer and take a screen shot.
#10: Insert this screenshot in your Answer Sheet.
Concluding questions:
In your own words:
#11 Describe what is ArcGIS Online (as you experienced it over these 4 lessons).
#12 Describe how you see ArcGIS Online as similar to or different than other online mapping environments you are familiar with, such as Google Earth


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