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Topics For Network Security Research Paper And Presentation

Topics For Network Security Research Paper And Presentation. 1. How Analytics is used in Network Security analysis and remediation 2. How Network Security is applied to or impacts each level of the OSI model Requirements: • 7-10 references (at least 5 references) of which 2 must be Peer Reviewed. o Include a Reference page at the end of the document for each reference used (ordered alphabetically by last name). ▪ Ensure each citation within the text is included on the reference page. ▪ Ensure each reference on the reference page has at least one citation within the text. o Highlight in YELLOW the Peer-Reviewed works on the Reference page. o Include all References as the last page of the Powerpoint Presentation (highlighting the Peer-Reviewed works in Yellow). • 7-10 double-spaced pages (at least 5 pages), using 12-font Calibri-Body. o The Cover Page, Reference Page and any space needed for pictures/images are not included in the required pages. • Once the paper is completed, add an Overview to the start of the paper. The Overview must contain at least one Hypothesis (see Rubric) and a Synopsis of what is contained in the paper. o Include the Hypothesis, under the title, on the 1st page of the Powerpoint presentation. NOTE: For this paper, a Hypothesis is a short statement you believe to be true based on the research you conducted. As an example, after doing research, you might say: “Small businesses are less likely to provide adequate Network security”.

Topics For Network Security Research Paper And Presentation


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