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tourism. CASE STUDY



DUE: 2ND OCT, 2019


Develop a case study showcasing international tourism at your MKT01906 destination. You selected the location prior to Week 3. The assignment will develop critical thinking, analysis and literacy skills to synthesise information related to theories studied in this unit.


Identify key issues for the destination from international tourism and contrast them with ideas discussed in at least eight (8) recent and relevant academic sources. Assessment 2 (Annotated Bibliography) will assist with literature required.  Draw on other sources to support. Follow the structure and criteria below.

Case study structure

  1. Introduce the destination and      outline main themes to be discussed in the case study (100 words)
  2. Provide an overview of the      historical development of tourism for your selected destination (350      words)
  3. Provide an analysis of      international tourism visitation to your destination. Use relevant      statistics to support your answer (250 words)
  4. Explain what makes the      destination attractive to tourists. Link to theories introduced in the      unit (e.g. the tourism system (Leiper, 1994, 2003),  motivation,      satisfaction and attraction theories) (300 words)
  5. Identify and critically analyse      the impacts from tourism activity on the host community at the destination      (400 words)
  6. Identify and critically explain      two key destination development issues which are currently occuring at the      destination (500 words)
  7. Identify and criticallyexplain      one tourism policy issue for the destination (500 words)
  8. Conclude the case study with a      summary of key outcomes (100 words).

At the end of the case study add a list of all references you have cited (the reference list is not included in the word count).

Marking criteria

Case study discussion

  • Logical discussion and argument      (4 marks)
  • Clarity of expression (4 marks)

Case study analysis

  • Introduction (2 marks)
  • Historical over view of tourism      development (4 marks)
  • International tourism      visitation (4 marks)
  • Destination attractiveness (5      marks)
  • Host community impacts of      tourism (8 marks)
  • Destination development issue      analysis (8 marks)
  • Tourism policy issue analysis (8      marks)
  • Conclusion (2 marks)


  • Correct referencing within body      of report (2 marks)
  • Correct referencing style for      reference list (2 marks)



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