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Uman Resources Case IV

Uman Resources Case IV. The newly hired CEO of a small, nonprofit organization was appalled by the behavior of

the organization’s CFO toward the female staff. He believed the manner in which the

CFO related to these women was disrespectful and bordered on abusive. Some of these

women were offended by the CFO’s attitude, while others chalked it up to his abrupt,

abrasive personality and simply ignored it.

The CEO met with the CFO and made it clear that his behavior was unacceptable and

would have to change. The two did not meet subsequently. The CEO was heard to say to

others in the organization that the CFO “had to go.”

Three months later, at a monthly meeting of the board of directors, the CEO added an

item to the agenda that substantially modified and reduced the CFO’s job responsibilities

and authority. The CFO usually attended the board meetings but had notified the CEO

and the board two weeks earlier that he would not be able to attend this particular

meeting. The rationale that the CEO presented was framed as strengthening the integrity

of financial reporting in the organization. This explanation appeared to be reasonable, and

the board approved the proposal.

At 11:30 p.m. in the evening following the meeting, the CEO e-mailed the CFO,

notifying him of the board’s action modifying his position.

Uman Resources Case IV


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