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Us History 105

In your Discussion Board post, choose 2 of the following topics:
•Women’s rights
•Working conditions
•Living conditions
•Access to housing or health care
•Immigration reform
In 1 paragraph on each topic, answer the following questions with late 19th-century historical examples:
1.What were some of the specific causes that led to these reforms?
2.Who were some of the main proponents of the reforms you chose?
3.How were the reforms you chose enacted?
You may include a photo by Riis representing the social issue you chose, if you wish, by copying and pasting the image URLs to your Discussion Board post.      Reference  International Center of Photography. (2018). Artist: Jacob Riis. Retrieved from https://www.icp.org/browse/archive/constituents/jacob-riis?all/all/all/all/0


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