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Ventricular Septal Defect

You can easily create a concept map using the insert tab in Microsoft Word. Click on Shapes, and drag the shape you choose to your paper. Then right click to add text to your shape. You can go to the format tab by right clicking on your shape to add color, depth, and other special effects. Be sure to cite your concept map in APA format.
Be sure to cover these topics:

  1. Pathophysiology
  2. Assessment findings
  3. Diagnostic tests – labs, x-rays etc.
  4. Focused assessment
  5. Medications, surgical procedures and other treatments
  6. Preventative measures, risk factors, or at risk groups
  7. What client teaching might a practical nurse reinforce under the guidance of the RN?
  8. Prognosis and long term outlook for the patient
  9. Support groups
  10. Resources (cited in APA format)

Selects a relevant congenital disorder, and   discusses major symptoms of the disorder and assessment findings
Discusses the pathophysiology of the   disorder
Correctly identifies diagnostic tests (labs,   x-rays etc.).
Correctly identifies current treatments such   as medications, surgical procedures and complementary and alternative   treatment options
Discusses preventative measures, risk   factors, or at risk groups
Outlines important patient and family   teaching topics
Discusses the prognosis and long term   outlook for the patient
Identifies support groups and family   resources
Lists relevant Nursing diagnoses for the   disorder (minimum 3)
The concept map is free from spelling and   grammatical errors, is cited correctly in APA format, and uses a minimum of 3   credible resources.


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