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What are the access-to-care issues in the given situations?

Access-to-Care in Different Situations

For this assignment you are provided with four scenarios. For each scenario, you are required to answer the following question:

  • What are the access-to-care issues in the given situations? Suggest  at least two solutions to address the access-to-care issues in these  scenarios.


  • Mr. A is a 30-year-old African American male. His employer provides  for his health insurance, which covers emergency room visits,  hospitalization, and some preventive-care services such as yearly  physicals. Whenever he schedules appointments for preventive-care  services, he has to spend one to three hours at the doctor’s office.  Additionally, he has to schedule follow-up appointments for laboratory  tests after each office visit.
  • Mrs. B is a 30-year-old African American woman with two children.  She is employed at a workplace that does not provide the employees with  health insurance. Mrs. B and her children make frequent visits to the  emergency room for healthcare services.
  • Mr. C is an unemployed 52-year-old Asian male who has not seen a  doctor in at least eight years. He speaks limited English. He has been  experiencing some health problems. He was recently told about a free  clinic located within a couple of miles of his apartment. There are no  Asian healthcare providers at the local health clinic. He has some  concerns about healthcare provided by anyone other than Asian healthcare  providers.

Mrs. D and her husband, a middle-aged Caucasian couple, recently  moved to a rural community. They are both on medications for chronic  health conditions, which require them to go for bimonthly doctor visits.  Their car recently broke down and there is limited bus service in their  community. They are having a difficult time going for their  appointments and obtaining their medications. They are also less  motivated to seek care because they have some major disagreements with  the primary care doctor who is a young woman in her early thirties.


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