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What was their theory of the purpose of drama, plays, and literature?

. Adler says that Christianity is closer to Plato than Aristotle. How is the teaching of Christianity similar to Plato, and on what point is it closer to Aristotle?

2. A significant amount of the chapter focuses on English Christians criticizing the stage. What was their theory of the purpose of drama, plays, and literature? Why does Adler think it is wrong?

3.The chapter closes with the arguments of Bishop Bossuet. Explain at least one of Bishop Bossuet’s objections to the stage

1. Aquinas asks whether human law should prohibit all vices, all sins. Why does he conclude that it should not?

2. Aristotle had argued that virtue is a mean between two extremes. Aquinas here argues that there is a “virtue about games,” lying between two extremes. How can one play games virtuously, according to Aquinas?

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