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Wk 4 Individual: Apply: Rhetorical Strategies And Fallacies

Wk 4 Individual: Apply: Rhetorical Strategies And Fallacies.

Assignment Content

  1. Submit Parts 1 and 2 as ONE DOCUMENT ONLY
    For this assignment, you will identify fallacies of reasoning. Reasoning is the part of the critical thinking process that allows us to make logical arguments so problems can be solved and decisions can be made.

    Part 1
    Review Ch. 5, 6, 7, and 8 of Critical Thinking (12th ed.).
    Complete the Rhetorical Strategies and Fallacies Worksheet.

    Part 2
    Apply what you learned from completing the worksheet by doing the following:

    • Identify 10 rhetorical strategies or rhetorical fallacies that are heard often within the workplace (does not have to be your workplace).
    • Identify the type of rhetorical strategy or rhetorical fallacy that is being used, and then write an example of the stated rhetorical strategy or rhetorical fallacy.
    • For example (not to be included as part of your assignment):
      Ad hominem: I know that you got that position over John because you were our manager’s favorite, even though you are not qualified, and John has the experience and education.

      Loaded question: Are our hours being reduced to prevent a layoff?

      Cite a minimum of 1 (one) reference (s).  Note: You have only 2 attempts’ available to complete assignments.

      Submit your assignment as ONE DOCUMENT ONLY

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Wk 4 Individual: Apply: Rhetorical Strategies And Fallacies


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